You make the greatest impact as a leader not by what you know, but by how you carry the message Play

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Impact First Leaders Academy

At IF Leaders Academy™, we teach the finer points of mindful behavior and communication, to help you adapt your style of thought, language, and actions to meet the demands of any environment, and become the most agile, impactful leader possible.

Our members are high-level corporate, business, and community leaders who want to raise their professional profile, and need expert guidance on the executive presence and personal branding skills that will get them there while honoring their values and balancing their commitments.

For the individual or corporation
Individual For the individual
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Impact 360 Coaching Program

At the core of our curriculum is our IMPACT: 360° Coaching Program™, which includes learning modules, assessments, and strategic support on elite success strategies including:

  • Executive Attire, Confidence, Connection
  • DiSC Behavioral Adaptation
  • IMPACT Planning™
  • Brand Development
  • Speaking with IMPACT™
  • Work of a Leader™
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